Studios in Canada lose developers to competition; Projects are only progressing slowly

According to current reports (including at Axios), Ubisoft is currently struggling with a number of layoffs. This time, however, these do not come from the company, but from the employees who accept better offers from the competition. Ubisoft developer studios in Canada are said to have been hit particularly hard. According to the latest figures, over 120 employees have left their jobs at Ubisoft Montreal or Ubisoft Toronto in the last six months. Including several employees who took on managerial roles in the development of Far Cry 6 or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Internally, the wave of layoffs should already be referred to as the “great exodus”.

Because many positions in the development studios are now simply vacant, Ubisoft is said to have difficulties in continuing work on current projects. Anonymous sources also gave some reasons for leaving the employees: Accordingly, among other things, the handling of the allegations about the toxic working conditions as well as poor pay should ensure the exit at Ubisoft. Many ex-employees appear to have accepted better deals from studios in the Montreal area. Just recently, Ubisoft tried to keep its employees in Canada by raising salaries. In general, the publisher employs over 20,000 people in more than 50 studios worldwide. 2,600 employees have been added here since April.