Subozeanische 2D-Horror-Action startet in den Early Access

If you count horror classics from the 80s like The Thing from Another World by old master John Carpenter or The Blob by Charles Russell (also Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Eraser) among your favorites, you might have something to do with Hidden Deep (from 16,99€ at buy) that starts today (01/24/2022) in Early Access. Set in a submerged mining facility, the 2D horror action challenges the player to explore the claustrophobic facility and unravel its dark secrets.

Developed by one-man studio Cogwheel Software and published by Daedalic, the beta of Survival drew more than 50,000 players in December, and the highly-anticipated title is on the wish lists of almost 200,000 Steam users.

Below is the manufacturer’s description and the main features:

In order to explore the depths and locate the missing explorers, the rescue team has a number of tools at their disposal: the actions of team members need to be coordinated and the use of the grappling hook must be mastered in order not to fall to your death or smash your own head in. The gigantic cave systems can be scanned with the help of drones, heavy machines allow the exploration of new areas of the research station and new caves can be opened up with the help of explosives. It’s up to players to either fight through at gunpoint or sneak past dangerous traps and alien breeding grounds. You should be willing to face death. And often.

Players don’t have to spend all their time alone in the depths though: certain missions can be tackled together with a friend in Challenge Mode, either in local multiplayer or via Steam Remote Play. Online co-op will be added to the game throughout Early Access.


  • A gripping, hard-hitting sci-fi story inspired by classic 80’s movies.
  • A whole arsenal of tools, from grappling hooks and scanners to drones, weapons and heavy machinery.
  • Over 20 hours of story mode playtime (will be completed during Early Access).
  • Challenge mode for even deeper adventures.
  • Local co-op and remote play co-op already available (Online co-op will be introduced during Early Access).

Latest Current Video: Early Access Trailer