Subscription service EA Play with a new introductory offer

Anyone who has always toyed with the idea of ​​subscribing to EA Play is now being offered a particularly good opportunity: until February 8, 2022, there is a three-month subscription to EA Play for the price of one. Accordingly, you only pay 3.99 euros, but have access to all the benefits for a total of three months. Only then do you have to decide whether and how to extend the subscription.

EA Play grants, among other things, unlimited access to an extensive games library, which also includes titles such as Star Wars: Squadrons, It Takes Two, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and, of course, numerous sports games. There is also early access for selected games: In this way you can play new releases for up to ten hours before they are released and thus get a small foretaste. There is also an additional discount of ten percent when purchasing digital EA content.

With this offer, however, it must be noted that this does not apply to Xbox (here EA Play is part of the Game Pass) and only applies to new customers.