Summary: Here’s everything that was revealed during the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021

Honestly, we didn’t believe that we would have so many cool things in the presentation of the Xbox at Tokyo Game Show 2021 for the simple fact that Microsoft itself said that we would only have local news and that it wouldn’t be good to create expectations. Well, in the end we had a great day.

Couldn’t watch the Tokyo Game Show stream from Xbox earlier today? No problem! You can always go back and watch the on-demand version for yourself, and we’ve also detailed all important announcements.

Xbox Cloud Gaming arrived in Brazil, and was also announced for Australia, Japan and Mexico

Social networks are full of people sharing their experiences with Xbox Cloud Gaming in Brazil, and luckily, the result is positive. We’ve already commented everything about him on this link. In short, it’s the ability to run Xbox games on virtually any device with a good web browser or by apps – without the need for expensive hardware.

Be sure to check out the new trailer for this wonderful service:

Scarlet Nexus, Mighty Goose and several other Japanese games have entered the Xbox Game Pass today

Remember the rumors about Scarlet Nexus on Xbox Game Pass? At that time Bandai Namco even denied it, which Remedy also did with Control, but in the end this highly coveted game went into service today.

If you missed the list of six new games in the catalog, then check out this link. A lot of people are playing Scarlet Nexus through Xbox Cloud Gaming and they are enjoying the experience! Below is the new space trailer for the Game Pass:

Back 4 Blood unveils its launch trailer

Also, don’t miss the new trailer for Left 4 Dead’s spiritual success. Without a doubt, this will be one of the big games on the Xbox Game Pass for next month – and remember that it’s very expensive, but if you subscribe to the service you can play it at extra costs!

Starfield will be fully localized for Japan and will feature over 150,000 lines of dialogue

That way you’ll have more dialogue than Fallout 4 and Skyrim… expect a big game! We don’t know if Brazilians will have this privilege too, but let’s hope that our language also receives a lot of attention! If you missed this article, follow the link.

Redfall will also have full localization and language support.

This is the same case with Starfield, it shows that Microsoft is really going to bet on the Japanese public. For us, the official Redfall trailer can be seen on Bethesda’s official channel… dubbed in Portuguese… and with beautiful dubbing, by the way.

Did you watch Tokyo Game Show 2021 streaming from Xbox today? What was your favorite part? Let us know below.