Surprise! Microsoft misses Serious Sam 4 on Xbox Game Pass

Serious Sam 4 is available from today for Xbox Game Pass in PC and Xbox Series X|S versions, added in a totally surprising way that it isn’t even on Microsoft’s official list of new titles planned for early December and arrives pretty much today for the first time on next-gen consoles.

We saw which games are in the first wave of December 2021 for the Xbox Game Pass , but to these we must therefore add Serious Sam 4, since the title Croteam was not on the official list, as it usually happens. Remembering that December is already being a particularly strong month.

We are already used to unexpected additions to the catalog downloadable games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers over the course of several months, even if in this case it’s a title of some weight.

Serious Sam 4 is the latest chapter in Croteam’s first-person shooter series, which features the eponymous character in question, a sort of modern descendant of Duke Nukem or generally the 90s shooter Hero, even if everything is seen somewhat ironically in this series.

The game is also optimized for Xbox Series X|S in the console version and is therefore a double surprise as it’s available today on Microsoft’s next-gen platforms, debuting directly from the Xbox Game Pass catalog, apparently.