Survival Adventure is coming soon and getting a live-action short film

After several postponements and several beta weekends, the release date for the survival game Icarus has finally been set. The session-based PvE experience will be available from December 4, 2021. The game was developed by the New Zealand studio RocketWerkz under the direction of Dean Hall, who was also responsible for DayZ.

In keeping with the upcoming release, the colleagues from PC Gamer have referred to a short film published by RocketWerkz, which is intended to shed more light on the historical background of the game. The real film shows various survivors of the planet Icarus and representatives of the UDA – the company that will send you on planetary missions in the game. They talk about the exploration team that experienced a disaster on the planet and some of whom even paid with their lives for it while searching for resources.
The film gives an insight into the initial situation in which the players will find themselves: Missions on Icarus are associated with many dangers, but the UDA is only about success. The game will initially be released with 35 different missions. The mission lengths will vary between hours, days and weeks.

The first chapter “The First Cohort” begins in the most Earth-like biomes of Icarus. RocketWerkz has a multi-year plan for Icarus and will be adding more additional playable content in the future. So far, two more chapters with the titles “New Frontier” and “Dangerous Horizon” are planned. However, there are no further details or release dates.