Survived Early Access and moved to release version 1.0

As Paradox Interactive reports, the Surviving the Aftermath (from 29,99 at buy) left the early access status after 20 major content updates and has been released as release version 1.0 for PC, PS4, One and Switch. At the same time an expansion pass was announced, which will add three expansions to the game developed by Iceflake Studios in the next few months. There is still no information on the content of these add-ons. But Paradox Interactive has the key features of Surviving the Aftermath at hand:

  • Building and managing a colony: Players build and lead a colony of survivors after a world devastating event. You erect more than 130 different buildings and fight for survival in a harsh world full of danger. They have to be prepared for anything, because a natural or environmental disaster can mean the downfall of a poorly equipped settlement.
  • Recruiting and managing specialists: There are over 80 unique specialists to choose from. Each with their own skills and motivations to look after the resources of their colony. Players equip their specialists with equipment to defend the colony from attacking bandits and frenzied wild animals.
  • Discovery tours in a procedurally generated world: Players send their specialists outside of their colony to a procedurally generated world. There they meet rival colony leaders and trade with resources or fight for survival. Specialists can set up outposts and gather materials to give their colony an advantage.
  • Difficult times – difficult decisions: Surviving the post-apocalypse means making impossible choices. The fate of the colony depends on the judgment of the leader. Any decision can affect the colony’s well-being and affect its future.
  • On the trail of the truth: Specialists will find secrets while exploring the world. Players uncover secrets around the apocalypse and prepare their colony for the worst if such an event should repeat itself.

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