Four Xbox Game Studios games were awarded “GOTY” by various press sites in 2021

Forza Horizon 5 devs are very excited about the freedom of their track builder

There are several sites or events to award games and although one of the best known is The Game Awards, long before it came out the term “GOTY” as “Game of the Year” already existed and was attributed by several members of the national and international press. This time, we’ll look at the top four … Read more

Halo Infinite is awarded Game of the Year by Game Informer; check out the top 10

Gamescom 2021: Award Winners Announced

Halo Infinite was awarded Game of the Year (GOTY) through the Game Informer: The American newspaper recognized the great value of the Xbox exclusive, excluded from the Geoff Keighley awards because it was only released in December. Still on Geoff Keighley’s award, Halo Infinite won the award for best game of the year by popular … Read more