Phil Spencer will lead Activision as CEO of Microsoft Gaming; here is your letter to the employees

Phil Spencer is speechless for Xbox Game Pass Lost Words

Phil Spencer, Xbox Division Leader. Phil Spencer was promoted and leveled up and is now named as CEO of Microsoft Gaming after the announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This is an important promotion for the now former head of the Xbox division, who took the opportunity to write a letter to employees. Hidden … Read more

Xbox’s Sarah Bond: “The future of gaming is completely intertwined with the cloud”

Xbox's Sarah Bond: "The future of gaming is completely intertwined with the cloud"

His name is Bond. Sarah Bond. If Phil Spencer embodies the paternal vision of the Xbox brand, Sarah Bond could be the maternal incarnation. Vice President of the group and in charge of the division responsible for the Xbox ecosystem as a whole, she gives a beautiful interview in which she gives her vision of … Read more

Prime Gaming in January with full versions of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, WRC 7 and Total War: Warhammer

Amazon (Unternehmen) von Amazon

Also in January 2022 there will be numerous full versions for PC gamers at Amazon Prime Gaming. To be able to download it, however, you need an active subscription to Amazon Prime (7.99 euros per month or 69 euros as an annual subscription). However, there are no additional costs besides the subscription fees. A look … Read more

Will Microsoft Edge get a gaming dashboard very soon?

Xbox: September update available, new Edge browser compatible with Stadia and Discord

Soon, the Microsoft Edge might include a dashboard designed specifically for games, which would allow you to quickly access various browser games and thus keep an up-to-date list at hand, which can be retrieved at any time using the browser. The Games Panel was discovered by a Reddit user within the version currently being distributed … Read more