Halo Infinite Final Hidden Scene Discovery After Coded Message

Gamescom 2021: Award Winners Announced

A hidden scene from Halo Infinite was discovered through datamining, but apparently excluded from the game, for reasons unknown: It should have been displayed throughout the credits, as a kind of suspense, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to exist but in the game, except through a code data collection. It’s hard to say … Read more

Phil Spencer sends ‘Incredibly Special’ Birthday Message to Xbox Employee

Phil Spencer celebrates Nintendo GameCube birthday by sharing his favorite GC game

Phil Spencer, lĂ­der do Xbox. The Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, seems like one of the best bosses you could hope to work for, and recently he took time out of his busy schedule to record a birthday message for UK Xbox employee Charleyy Hodson. As you can see in the video below, Spencer recognizes the … Read more

Todd Howard talks about Starfield’s big progress in a Happy Holidays message

Starfield: a new image leaks on the internet, still from the preliminary version

Todd Howard appeared in a Bethesda greetings video and talked about the progress in Starfield’s development, the team is very excited to show the game to all audiences. Starfield promises to have a space sci-fi experience with really good stuff on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Also, it’s been seen as Skyrim in space, so … Read more

Xbox Game Pass: 5 Months Free For Some Gold Subscribers, Here’s Microsoft’s Message

The top five Xbox Game Pass games for December are already known

A message from Microsoft was shared via Reddit to select players on Xbox Live Gold, one of the company’s Redmond subscription services. The message informs you that the lucky one will have 5-month free Xbox Game Pass access. Also, using the free code, every remaining month of Gold are converted one by one in Game … Read more