Halo Infinite has a firm grip on the pre-Christmas top 10 sales charts

Steam (Service) von Valve Software

Also on this Monday we take a look at the current Steam sales charts, in which a lot has changed compared to the previous week. However, this does not apply to the front runner – this is still the campaign of the first-person shooter Halo Infinite, which was able to successfully defend itself against all … Read more

Halo Infinite is awarded Game of the Year by Game Informer; check out the top 10

Gamescom 2021: Award Winners Announced

Halo Infinite was awarded Game of the Year (GOTY) through the Game Informer: The American newspaper recognized the great value of the Xbox exclusive, excluded from the Geoff Keighley awards because it was only released in December. Still on Geoff Keighley’s award, Halo Infinite won the award for best game of the year by popular … Read more