Bioshock Infinite Writer Joins Development of The Outer Worlds 2

The Outer Worlds 2 has apparently been in development since 2019

As usual in this type of news, it was the protagonist himself who revealed the information through his social networks. Joe Fielder just joined the team of storytellers at The Outer Worlds 2 in full time. Obsidian Entertainment announced the title last summer at E3. As for The Outer Worlds, it was released in October … Read more

Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Former Bioware writer has concerns about the Amazon series

Mass Effect - Legendary Edition (Rollenspiel) von Electronic Arts

It has recently become known that Amazon is seriously considering realizing the popular role-playing game series Mass Effect as a show for its in-house streaming service (we reported). What caused some fans to be downright euphoric, on the other hand, made others skeptical. This includes, among others, David Gaider, who once worked as an author … Read more