Take-Two CEO may have leaked the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, would be 30 million!

Wow, the guys are Take-Two, they don’t give a damn and they really talk, and well, it seems like they talked too much in a recent interview starring Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the company, and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. The subject yielded and of course the Xbox Game Pass could not be left out.

In a recent interview with Phil Spencer and Strauss Zelnick, two giants in the gaming industry, unofficial information was passed along, but it may be true.

In the video below, skip to 34:35 minutes, this is exactly when Strauss said that Xbox was “around the 30 million mark” in Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers. Phil laughed and said “well, the last public number we announced was 18 million”. That’s where Strauss realized he’d said too much.

In the middle of last year, Microsoft said it had 18 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers, so we only heard 23 million rumors or 30 million speculations for the release of Halo Infinite. But officially, we have 18 million.

Of course Strauss could have been wrong, or did he just count how many Game Pass people played GTA V and have noticed that it was almost 30 million? Well, we don’t know how he knows this, it could have been a mistake or he actually missed data before Microsoft made it official.