Tencent bought 22% of Bloober Team, creators of The Medium

As reported by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, Tencent acquires 22% of participation in the Polish developer Bloober Team. The investment is from US$ 19.5 millionbecame the largest Chinese company among external shareholders. Bloober Team released games like The Medium and Blair Witch.

Bloober Team recently signed partnership agreements with Konami and Take-Two. At the moment, unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the projects in development and in particular about the details of the collaboration between the Polish team and the two big game companies. Konami, however, stated that the developers would remain independent. This Tencent investment confirms that line of thinking.

Tencent is extremely active in gaming investments. It bought Sumo Group for $1.3 billion, for example, and opened new offices in Los Angeles to accelerate its growth in the West.

At the same time, however, it lost $60 billion in value: China is increasingly tightening its grip on gaming, and regulations make it difficult to monetize certain games.