That Microsoft forces Sony to “copy” them, is good news

We’ve read at length all sorts of sleepless stories from those with a visceral hatred of Xbox. Even the media sowing doubts that nobody cares about about the viability or not of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. People who show a childish vision of where the industry is going and who possibly today have reasons to turn off their mobile and not enter Twitter for at least a couple of days.

The fact is that it is the news of the day. Sony is going to create a new subscription system that is somewhat reminiscent of Xbox Game Pass. I personally believe that They do not look alike, hence the quotation mark in the headline. In fact, it seems to me that this movement is good news for everyone, so I want to give you my opinion on it. But first, this is what we know about this future subscription:

  • Tier 1: It includes the current benefits of Playstation Plus as we know it today.
  • Tier 2: Playstation Now with PS4 and PS5 titles (None released).
  • Tier 3: Plastation Now with PS2 and PS3 games, plus PSOne and PSP games are added.

Sony is forced to reinvent itself without burning money

What we see here is an enhancement to their cloud gaming service, which now seeks to rent out classic consoles without seriously addressing backward compatibility in a local way. As I said, all this is far from Game Pass, local games are not added beyond those of Plus, there is no access to “Day One” or launch games in the subscription, and of course everything is via streaming without improvements in backward compatibility and limitations of the Japanese Cloud service.

But just because it’s not a copy of the Redmond membership doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. There are those who are very urgent for Sony to copy Microsoft, but its business model goes in other directions. Sony cannot burn money like Microsoft bringing launch games by subscription, the idea is to continue renting their developments for the first year and take them to subscription later. A good idea, but dangerous for proposals that need extra visibility.

We have to admit that Microsoft is on a Hostile takeover plan against its competition, and Game Pass is wildly aggressive. The Japanese do not have the coffers of the Americans, and perhaps this is the best they could do, rent the games of their classic consoles and current games without completely renouncing the current model.

Capture from the Playstation Now collection.

We all win, without a doubt

There are those who will understand the movement as an urgent response from the Japanese to counter Xbox, and it is partly true that it is. Sony has no choice but to reinvent itself a bit, they are already late in some things and maybe with the means they have this is the best they could do. Surely a fan of the blue brand will be disappointed by how poor the proposal may sound, but time to time.

That Jim Ryan’s team, who leads the leading gaming brand in the living room today, has taken notice of Microsoft and its games division is a clear sign of how well Phil Spencer and his team are doing. In addition, with this movement we all win, after all, Playstation Now is accessible not only on Playstation machines, and that the subscription is improved with classic games and some other exclusive more from Playstation Studios, it is a Win-Win for the players.

Now leave me in the comments your impressions on this whole matter. Do you think this move will be a real competition for Xbox Game Pass?