The absence of Forza Horizon 5 in the GOTY leaves the TGA in evidence

The list of nominees for any award is always a matter of discussion. The differences between public and critical tastes are usually present in these types of decisions, but sometimes they pass some lines that do nothing more than reflect an industry trend that by staying true to what always works, they are far from the obvious reality. The result is that some awards that should be a celebration, a joy for each user represented by their favorite games, becomes a real disappointment and the obvious questions: Who are these awards for? Who do they take into account? Are they really representative of reality?

More and more celebrities are approaching the popular annual The Game Awards celebration

And it is that the industry sometimes does not stop giving the feeling that no matter how hard some developers try, there is no place for them. The current always carries the same water: The most anticipated games are always the same, the most awarded director is always the same and only the lucky indies that the critics have raised can enter this quota that remains closed … also almost always for them .

The industry does not stop giving the feeling that they should always be the same

We do not understand why a game, usually with a story, good graphics, and generally for a single player usually has more weight in these awards, and in general for the industry. It directly explains why it is generalized that a single installment of God of War is worth more than a Sea of ​​Thieves, a State of Decay 2 and a Forza Horizon 4, a real case of what happened in 2018 and that when remembering it today knowing the progression of one and the other tastes even worse. And it has already been discussed in other years, but it is still strange the insistent opacity of those who choose these nominations from The Game Awards, which, honestly, are losing more and more importance in the community. How can it be that one of the best games of the year has been nominated only for accessibility and its sound?

Forza Horizon 5 is the most valued and the most played. What else is missing?

For this same question that I present, when I analyzed Forza Horizon 5, the first thing I thought is that it is not only the best car game I had tried, but also that it is easily the best game of the year, or at least, it is among the 5 top. But, after more than five years following the news, I asked myself: An exclusive Xbox and PC game among the best? Don’t freak out. And on top of “cars”. But it is that after seeing its results, its reviews and opinions, the numbers are there: Not only is the almost unanimous opinion of the critics worth, it is really one of the most valued of the year in Metacritic. More than 1 million players even before the official launch. More than 8 million in the first week. And this figure will probably gain one more digit before the end of the year. THE NUMBERS ARE THERE.

That Forza Horizon 5 does not appear among the nominees for best game of the year is so strange that it seems almost intentional. It’s only been a few days since it came out. And it falls within the limit that they take into account to make the list, something for which obviously Halo Infinite has been left out, but in The Game Awards or there is something that does not work well, or there is something that does not smell good. In fact, this selection is made by a Jury among which are the most important media, critics and influencers, whose complete list is not revealed so that no one is coerced. It is the first step of opacity, almost to a certain extent understandable. But the worst is not there. Is that after these nominees, the weight of the vote falls back on them by 90% and only 10% for whatever users choose on the TGA website, which again not only calls into question the selection criteria, but also that of the winners.

An exclusive Xbox game and on top of racing? Discarded.

All of these for no reason are fueled by Geoff Keighley’s constant need to show exaggerated effusiveness with everything coming from Sony or Kojima. Do not get us wrong, each one with their tastes, but it is also true that it is more than evident if you follow him on networks as he almost offers reverence before the creator of Death Stranding. We also know that he himself assures and perjures that he is only in charge of the organization and that he does not intervene at all in this matter of the selection of candidates, but he does not stop continuously offering a “screen” in which only … the same as always appear .

And it is that in an event of these characteristics many hands intervene that help financially to lift it, something that We sincerely thank the organization and Keighley himself because without him, there would probably be no one who would try to move such a large number of names, organizations and people to put on a real show for us. of which I am sure that nobody wants to stop seeing it.

But, let’s recap: A game, one of the best rated of the year, in which the vast majority of media participating in this vote have also valued it as ‘excellent’, a game that most of them will probably be playing. Does it really only deserve a mention in the best audio and best accessibility categories? The representation of Mexico, the beauty of its settings, the mastery of its playable design, the enormous number of players in just one week, the opinion of the majority of critics, the adoration of many influencers … WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR IT TO BE NOMINEE TO GOTY? Do you understand it? I do not understand. That’s why people start talking about it. And not good things.