The big update 13 has a release date

It has been known for some time that the major update 13 for Anno 1800 will appear in the near future. However, there was no specific release date – until now. The Ubisoft Mainz development team recently spoke out to reveal this little secret.

Because, as can be seen from a current blog entry by the studio, Update 13 for the building game should appear on December 14, 2021 – in a little more than two weeks. One of the big highlights is certainly the new game mode called “Green Game Jam”. Here you have to develop a city under particularly demanding framework conditions. For example, you have to struggle with problems such as overfishing and monocultures and plan the use of non-regenerative resources carefully. Ubisoft will announce more details about the mode in the course of the next few days.

By the way, the release of the DLC “Colorful Paint” is also planned for December 14th. As the name suggests, this package will offer, among other things, some new skins for the buildings and thus for more visual variety in the cities of Anno 1800 (from 20,97 at buy) worry. On December 6th, a live stream with the developers is on the program, which will cover both the DLCs and the game mode mentioned above.

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