The Coalition: new project in full swing

Imagem do Gears do War 3.

As confirmed by The Coalition’s Andy McKenzie, the studio’s next project is well underway and progressing well. This is great news for fans of this giant studio from Xbox Game Studios.

The Coalition’s Andy McKenzie confirms on his Linkedin page that the studio’s next project is progressing well and is well on its way. McKenzie previously worked on Gears 5 as an economy and progression lead to take the shooter through live operations and began work on one of the new games in 2021 as a lead gameplay designer at Unreal Engine 5!

“Happy New Year to everybody! After a wild 2020 working from home and guiding #Gears5 through live operations as an economy and progression leader, I dove headfirst into a new role at the studio in 2021.”

“For the past 7 months I have been working as a Core Gameplay Designer at Unreal Engine 5 on one of our new projects! This took a lot of self-study on my part and a lot of trust on the part of the studio, as I’ve never made an Unreal Engine game at the publisher before. I am happy to report that things are going great so far.”

“That, in turn, fueled the desire to learn new skills, and I now take courses in character animation and 2D/3D art for fun. Receiving Canadian permanent residency ended the year! Here is another year of learning and growing!”

We still don’t know what The Coalition’s next game will be. Well, normally they work with the Gears of War franchise, but there are rumors that it could be a new IP for 2023, but take this as a rumor to be clarified in the future. For now, let’s assume it’s Gears 6.