The debate is over, KOTOR Remake is a temporary exclusive

Rivers of ink have been written over and over again about the uniqueness of KOTOR Remake. And is that Aspyr Media had already indicated the “exclusivity on launch” but many still insisted that it would be definitive for the PS5. In case you don’t remember, this remake was announced at the last PlayStation Showcase of September this year, the announcement is quite recent.

the game proposes substantial changes, although Aspyr, the studio responsible for the remake, promises that the essence of the game will remain intact. It is possible that even some plot details will be modified, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Returning to the issue of exclusivity, those who had faith or feared that the game would not reach other consoles, should rethink their thinking. And is that Tully Ackland, current senior game designer of this remake, confirmed on the 10th that we were facing a Temporary exclusivity on PlayStation 5.

He said this publicly on his personal Twitter account and, for the doubters, the tweet is still standing:

Later, specifically 4 days later, he tapped the question again answering a user:

So with that, the issue must be resolved, unless a new nextgen console comes to market tomorrow, the only plausible option is the Xbox Series S and X.