The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim doesn’t seem to have lost its appeal even more than ten years after its premiere. Not only did Todd Howard referenced the success of the Bethesda RPG world in the last video on Starfield. The board game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – The Adventure Game by Modiphius Entertainment, which was announced at the beginning of November and has already worked on successful implementations of Crusader Kings, Fallout and Homeworld, has one success story after another.

About a day before the end of the crowdfunding campaign, the counter is over 1 million pounds sterling, which at the current rate corresponds to over 1.25 million euros. More than 6,100 “backers” participated in the financing, who, together with some goals dependent on social media activities, have already unlocked 66 “stretch goals”, including numerous enhancements, “quality-of-life” improvements, other figures, Mini-campaigns and much more. If things continue at this pace, the other goals stated so far should also be within reach.

According to Modiphius, the game and all of the additional content achieved in the campaign will enter the production phase this year, so that the time frame can be adhered to. Accordingly, it is expected that the production facilities will be able to deliver the forecast quantities from March onwards, but have also included a buffer zone of two months in the event of delays. Taking into account other possible logistical problems, Modiphius has set August 2022 as the rough date for the general release of the game and for sending it to all supporters.

The crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound will run until December 5, 2021, 9 p.m. There are three financing levels available: 68 GBP (approx. 80 euros), 140 GBP (approx. 165 euros) and 220 GBP (approx. 260 euros). These can be supplemented with a few “add-ons” that are not included in these packages, such as an expansion for five to eight players. The savings at the expected end-consumer prices are around 40 euros for the smallest package and go up to around 140 euros for the deluxe pack.

You can find more information about the game, the content, etc. on the corresponding Gamefound overview page.

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