The Elder Scrolls 6: Todd Howard also “trolled” by his son

The development of The Elder Scrolls 6 is continuing even with Starfield’s advances, but the wait for this game is so long awaited that Todd Howard of Bethesda has even gone so far as to chased by his son, evidently a fan of the series.

During a Q&A session for the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition, Howard said he understands the frustration of many fans who are waiting for news of the game and keep asking questions about it, and then tell a story funny about the son.

on father’s day, the little boy gave his father a note that said: “You are a fantastic father, but where is TES 6? ” In short, if your father is Todd Howard it is also right that you can control him a little, otherwise how would you take advantage of this fluke of your destiny?

In fact, the development of The Elder Scrolls VI is becoming something of an industry myth. We had an ad a few years ago and it was never seen again. Apparently, Bethesda is in no rush to show it as her eyes are focused on “Skyrim in space”, or rather Starfield.

Unfortunately, even in this case, Howard didn’t provide more details about TES 6. We certainly won’t see it anytime soon, as Starfield will be released in 2022. Let’s wait at least until 2023, to be optimistic.

That said, The Elder Scrolls VI is in development for PC and Xbox Series X and S. It will definitely be available from launch on Xbox Game Pass subscription.