The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and DOOM: All three franchises to surpass $7 billion

Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda is not something that was done overnight or in any way, with the purchase of this group, Microsoft has made a point of feeding its video game division top quality content with Xbox Games Studios at the same time. time.

Services and video games are two of the pillars of the Xbox, currently with a service with Xbox Game Pass em ascensão, the service needs more than ever game releases with a large fan base behind it and that’s exactly where games like Fallout, The Elder Scrolls Where DOOM.

The purchase of Bethesda cost Microsoft 7.5 billion dollars, a figure that seems stratospheric to us mortals, but if we really look at the price of all the brands that join Xbox Game Studios we can say that it’s even a “cheap” purchase.

Both DOOM, Fallout and Elder Scrolls have grown exponentially over the last decade, which is why their value as independent brands has been substantially reassessed, to the point where they all combined almost approach Bethesda’s purchase value.

From now on, Bethesda and Microsoft plans will be joint and these franchises will continue to grow, most of all because they will have the support and the Microsoft’s financial muscle that will give all brands that integrate the catalog an extra impact and growth in all areas that decide to explore their games.