The first Halo was initially thought of as an open world, similar to Infinite

Halo Infinite took the saga to new horizons, with open spaces contrasting with the saga’s classic style. The first Halo , however, was originally intended to have a setting of open world. The developers, however, had to reduce the game’s reach due to the limitations of the hardware available 20 years ago.

The information comes from Marcus Lehto, director of Halo: Combat Evolved, who recently gave a word – on Twitter – about Halo Infinite.

A fan then took the opportunity to ask Lehto if he would like Halo: Combat Evolved to have a more open-world structure. Lehto explains that the original plans for Halo were actually to make it an open world game. “When we created the first demo, the intention was to make it an open world”, he explains. “The best result in this regard was The Silent Cartographer level”.

The fourth level of the Halo campaign: Combat Evolved, The Silent Cartographer was one of the most popular when it debuted in 2001. In it, the Master Chief and a group of UNSC Marines land on a small island to try to find a room. hidden in one of the structures.

To some extent, then, Halo Infinite is only offering what was Bungie’s original vision for Lehto.