The first premium expansion “Make It Count” starts on November 18th, as does the next major free update, “Precinct”

As Paradox Interactive and Romero Games report, the Empire of Sin (from 16,98€ at The announced premium expansion “Make It Count” will be released on November 18, 2021 on PC (via Steam, Microsoft Store, Paradox Plaza) as well as PS4, One and Switch. At the same time, the free “Precinct” update will be available, which should not only add a lot of new content, but also the mechanics, in some cases heavily revised.

“Since Empire of Sin launched last year, we’ve all explored new ways to expand the game’s strategic and narrative capabilities.”says Brenda Romero, co-founder of Romero Games. “We’ve spent the last year working on Empire of Sin to incorporate the creative ideas of our incredibly active and supportive community, and the one-two punch from Make It Count and the Precinct update will give players a whole new take on that Enable play. “

Make It Count’s key features are:

  • Maxim Zelnick: Zelnick is a boss who can cook the books just as well as he takes out the competition.
    • “Bolster the Ranks” ability allows Maxim to call in two reinforcements during combat.
    • The “Persuader” boss weapon, a submachine gun that spits bullets faster than Zelnick spits words!
  • Loan Shark: Money lending comes to Chicago, with unique events related to this “interesting” racket.
  • The Fixer: A gangster who specializes in making problems disappear. Fixers can bribe their way out of certain combat scenarios, but when things get ugly, their combat ability, Caltrops, are a fun way to disrupt enemy movement and better plan fights.
  • New Weapons: Get your hands on the MK VI Revolver, Coach Gun, STA 22, Lighting Carbine, RSC M17, plus New Legendary weapons – the Persuader and Golden Gewehr 98.
  • New Missions: 20 new missions, including Gangster personal missions and side missions, including 25 new events.
  • New Loan Shark building interior and Improvement Buildings

And these are some of the changes introduced with the Precinct update:

  • Precincts: Subdivisions of neighborhoods that are controlled both by players and other factions. Players must secure Supply Lines between connecting precincts to ensure supplies and payments are flowing smoothly.
  • Depots: Depots are well guarded and have reinforcements to offer longer, more tactical combats with a bigger risk…and bigger rewards. Each Depot is the central control center for a given precinct: claim the depot, claim the precinct!
  • Paths To Victory & Win Condition: There’s more than one way to take over Chicago!
    • The Buy Out is a diplomatic win condition that allows players to eliminate another faction by paying them off. The targeted faction must be under player protection for 3 months and players must be at peace with the targeted faction with a faction rating of at least +300.
    • Chi-Town Mogul – Claim victory by owning 40% of all rackets, with each of them upgraded to maximum level. Players still have the option to continue playing after seeing this victory screen!
  • Improved Police: Handle the cops by managing your Police Activity number, a precinct-wide value representing the amount of police presence on the streets. Police Activity levels are affected by numerous factors including bribery, the strength (or weakness) of diplomatic relations, and the vice investment level.
  • New Depot and Safehouse interiors, as well as Gun Store, Mob Lawyer, and Boxing Club Improvement Buildings

Empire of Sin was released by Paradox Interactive on December 1, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Last actual video: Make it Count DLC announcement trailer