The first Titanfall starts to close: stop selling from today

Of course, like us, there are still many of you who like to 2014 that one huge exclusive that was Titanfall for Xbox One. Respawn and EA teamed up with Microsoft to bring us a title absolutely superb, great and addictive from the creators of the most successful Call of Duty, like the first Modern Warfare. In addition, he also opted for a measure that many followed later, like the new Battlefield 2042 today, of directly removing the campaign.

Though they themselves saw the popular outcry and released the second title. Titanfall 2 offered us one of the best FPS campaigns we can still play today. But regarding the first, we cannot say the same. Certainly there are still plenty of fans with him, but between the various hackers and the state of neglect that Respawn keeps him in.

Now, Titanfall begins its closure, his shutdown, and from today will officially cease to be sold and as of March 1, 2022, it will no longer be available on subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass, EA Access or Origin.

But it’s still not all bad news, as although Titanfall 2 remains fully active, the first part won’t close your servers so that those who still own the game can play a game without any problem, as they say in the press release, which you can see above.

Titanfall was precisely the first title released by Respawn Entertainment and it certainly helped to the massive super success as Apex Legends. It’s been 7 years since we can ride one of these titans. In short, it will no longer be possible to buy it through subscription services, but those who still have the game can continue playing.