The first update for Forza Horizon 5 is now available; know what changes!

Forza Horizon 5 was released as one of the best Xbox racing games of all time, but not entirely without its problems. Players have encountered some bugs and issues in Forza Horizon 5 since launch, especially related to the multiplayer online. Playground Games has been transparent about working with these issues and now the first suitable fix is ​​being released for players in the form of Forza Horizon 5 hotfix update, November 17, 2021.

Forza Horizon 5 is generally an excellent open world racing game, and this hotfix update should help resolve many of the most pressing issues players face while playing. Hotfix update highlights include fixes for various crashes, online connectivity improvements, patches for exploits like players buying hundreds of Jeep Willys, and much more.

The first update for Forza Horizon 5 is now being released for all platforms including Xbox Series X|S , Xbox One and PC (including Steam). The update should be about 1GB in size and it is highly recommended that you install it as soon as possible before continuing to play Forza Horizon 5.

Playground delivered the undisputed champion of open world pilots. I’ve been testing it on Xbox Series X for days and days and haven’t found any bugs other than with online multiplayer issues – hopefully everything normalizes now. If you want to learn more about this brilliant racing gem, don’t let yourself buy or subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass.

The full changelog for the Forza Horizon 5 hotfix update dated November 17, 2021 is on the official Playground Games website.