The Forgotten City – Test, Adventure, PlayStation 5

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Rarely have I thought so hard about the spoiler question before writing a test. In fact, I think it’s best to approach The Forgotten City with nothing more than the knowledge that it is a mystery thriller from the first person perspective, a narrative adventure with many conversations, a detective game with a lot of action.

So if you are sensitive to unwanted revelations and have the game ahead of you, you should perhaps switch to the shop you trust or start the platform on which you own The Forgotten City and then just start playing. Because the game is very, very good. In the following I cannot avoid revealing a few tangible details about the mechanics and the structure of the game world. But don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything about the twists and turns of history and, even with examples, I remain as vague as my intrinsic desire for meticulous reporting allows.


Pretty is different, despite the dreary faces, the dialogues are one of the game’s strengths.

The exposition of the story goes like this: The player character is washed up on a river and is pulled out of the water by the character Karen. While deciding on his name and something like a class, Karen quickly gets to the point: she asks me to check on a Roman ruin nearby. Her friend Al (whom she also pulled out of the water, very strange the whole thing) had disappeared there a while ago. So you comply with Karen’s request and, before you know it, stumble into an underground city. The Forgotten City.

It is a manageable size, but pleasantly winding place full of caves, squares, paths, bridges and buildings. The highlight: Apparently you have stumbled backwards through time, because the people here are genuine Romans from the time of the Roman Empire. Many tell you in the course of the game that they saw the great fire in the capital up close – so there is no doubt that you are in an underground, Roman exclave from the first century, have no idea how you got there, and just as little plan as it goes back to your world. Pardauz!

Shortly after arriving in the forgotten city, a man greets you and f

Shortly after arriving in the forgotten city, a man will meet you and take you to the center of the small town – curious players leave here.

But the surprises do not end there: After you have taken the first steps in this strange world and have spoken to a citizen who has told you a few things, you realize that a golden rule has the small town under its control: If If even one person commits a sin here, then everyone must die! Are we dealing with a Roman utopia in which all citizens lead a wonderfully peaceful life? Or is it a mini-surveillance state where everyone observes and suspects their neighbors? You will find out …