the future of the franchise in a story

GRID Legends will be the new chapter in the already long history of the Grid franchise, but this longevity of the IP is not a minor data if we consider that innovation can be a key factor for the success or failure of the Codemasters series. . The game trailer already shows the clear intention of the developers to put special focus on the game’s story, something that worked quite well for EA and Codemasters in F1 2021 with the inclusion of the Braking Point mode.

Several renowned actors will give life to some characters in this section, such is the case of Ncuti Gatwa from the Sex Education series and another good handful of professionals about whom, at the moment, little is known.

The days of TOCA

It is always convenient, when carrying out these analyzes, to go a little along the path of the IPs. GRID was previously known as TOCA Race Driver, a series that it already included a story mode that many of our readers, as old as I am, will remember. This story was present with cinematics and all the pomp until the arrival of TOCA Race Driver 3, which although it did include certain cinematics with the Scottish engineer Rick who provided information about the championship to be played and the cars that we could drive, the experience was much more focused on hard driving.

The trend in favor of vehicle control mechanics and the detriment of history took hold in Race Driver: GRID, which no longer included this type of cinematics but presented for the first time a rival team that would become commonplace in the races. successive installments, Ravenwest with its two mysterious and silent pilots: Nathan McKane and Rick Scott.

Ravenwest always tends to be the team to beat in this installment and a really tough one if we take into account the speed at which they go in each and every one of the categories in which they participate, something that seems to be random since they can appear in any time without prior notice. If you have played this title in the past, you will know what it means to have to repeat the same championships more than once after McKane and Scott have tired of finishing first and second relegating you to a sad (and unfair) third place.

In addition to the championships, the game also featured versus events in which the dispute with Nathan McKane was lived in one’s own blood, with strident music that made the player immerse himself in a truly epic moment that had nothing to envy to movies of the size of “Days of Thunder.”


Little and nothing is known for sure about this team of drivers that returns in each edition, but several things suggest that these riders act as antagonists, for example the opaque color of the vehicles they drive and how difficult it is. beat them in good law. That without taking into account that each season had its final event focused on defeating them.

The arrival of GRID Autosport somewhat relegated the importance of Ravenwest. This was mainly due to give a little more personality to the rest of the competitors although perhaps this anger created in the previous installment was a bit in the void, at least for most of the fans, and it is something that the developers must have. appreciated also judging by the focus that Ravenwest is given again in the Legends trailer.

The next release of the saga will be particularly interesting to know how certain aspects that will be determined in the framework of a fictional championship are resolved, which gives them unparalleled creative freedom for this type of question. Will history then be the vehicle that crosses the finish line first and takes Grid Legends to the top step of the podium, or will it fall behind to a secondary position by just a few points?

We will know from February 25 of next year, when the game will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, PS4 and PS5.