The Game Awards: Big Surprises Announced

This year’s edition of the popular show “The Game Awards” will take place on December 9, 2021. This event is not just about the awarding of numerous prizes in different categories. Many publishers and development studios use the opportunity to show the largest possible audience fresh material from already known titles or to announce completely new games. This time there should be some special surprises again.

This announced host and producer Geoff Keighley in a video message, which can be found on the official Twitter channel of The Game Awards. “The Game Awards wouldn’t be the Game Awards without all the surprises and announcements. People already say, ‘You say every year that it will be great and even bigger than before.’ But really, the line-up this year is amazing. We have tons of stuff from the entire industry. Lots of companies bring their announcements to the show. I think the show this year will give you a good impression of the next generation of gaming. ”

Of course, Keighley did not give any specific details in this regard, so that there is still plenty of room for speculation. In the next week at the latest, we should be a little smarter in this regard.

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