The games already confirmed from Xbox Game Studios that use Unreal Engine 5

The first glimpse of Unreal Engine 5 we saw in a technical demo for the Playstation 5, but despite that, this technology is actually being used heavily by the studios at Xbox Game Studios. The proof of this is that we will list here the titles already confirmed and others speculated.

Unreal Engine 5 allows for a more advanced level of graphics quality and since we are in a new generation, that’s really what we’d like to see. If we skip generations, then we want visual improvements, right?

Insider Klobrille did us the favor of gathering all the titles being developed for Xbox Series X and S with Unreal Engine 5, at least the known ones. The selection of confirmed already surprises:

  • inXile entertainment
  • Ninja Theory
  • The Coalition
  • Undead Labs

what the speculations suggest:

  • The Initiative (Perfect Dark)
  • Obsidian (The Outer Worlds 2 e Avowed)
  • Compulsion Games

There are studios that prefer to use their own engines like Bethesda in Starfield and Playground Games with Forza Horizon 5 and Fable. The first game that we will play with Unreal Engine 5 will be Stalker 2 already in April it will have an exclusive launch for Xbox and PC consoles directly on Game Pass.

As seen, it looks like we’ll have not only fun, but graphically evolved games coming! Let’s follow!