The gladiator school opens its early access gates

On October 14, 2021, Entertainment Forge, GrabTheGames and Gamera Game released the Gladiator Guild Manager, which was successfully funded a year ago by Kickstarter, in Early Access for PC, where it is to remain for at least a year. On Steam, where the previous user reviews have been “very positive”, a launch discount of ten percent on the regular retail price will be granted until October 20th (EUR 8.09 instead of EUR 8.99). A free prologue is also available. In the game description it says: “Found a guild, hire your first gladiator and start your adventure in this epic fantasy world.

Choose gladiators for each fight, decide on their line-up and determine their behavior. The struggle for life and death takes place without your intervention and shows you the consequences of your planning. Watch out for your opponents, keep an eye on their movements and find a way to play them off. Your main goal is to win the monthly championships, rise in rank, and tackle increasingly dangerous arenas.

As you advance, you will grow your guild and hire a variety of new gladiators in the process. There are warriors, marksmen, beasts, magicians, creatures and much more. This allows you to form unique teams. All gladiators have different idiosyncrasies that make them either very good at one area and expensive, or very bad and affordable. Choose wisely and trade your champions in the market where all sorts of types of gladiators can be found. Unleash your creativity by training your distinctive team. Level them up and equip them with increasingly powerful items. Always keep in mind the characteristics and equipment of the gladiators in order to find the combinations that complement each other best.

Between the monthly championships, you should maximize the profit and growth of your guild in order to have an advantage in the next big tournament. Weekly enter the Ring of Death, an arena that offers a wide range of challenges. Changing weather conditions affect the gladiators’ performance. Use them to overwhelm your opponent.

A variety of quests are offered to you by different characters who need your deadly gladiatorial skills outside of the arena. Build relationships with different factions and learn more about this world, or even determine its future. Help the poor, support the districts and the kingdom, or help develop the magic. That depends on the main alliance you choose.
Or get drawn into silly subplots. Or get drawn into silly subplots. As soon as you are ready to put the power of your gladiators to the ultimate test, you can accept quests in which your team has to fight against fearsome boss monsters.

After conquering the final arena in the championship, you can unlock new content that can appear in the next playthrough.
At the start of a new game, the available gladiators, idiosyncrasies and items are randomly redefined. As a result, you have to constantly work out new team compositions and strategies and make do with what is available in this round. You can enjoy a relaxed experience in the easier game modes. Or adjust the level of difficulty so that every small decision can lead to severe consequences. Once you’ve mastered the game and want even more challenges, you can activate time limits and even permanent deaths in which you cannot revive your gladiators should they ever fall in battle. “

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