The ‘Grounded: Hot & Hazy’ update brings more RPG mechanics

One of Xbox Game Studios’ highly successful games is Grounded, which has been among the best sellers on Steam for over a week and has passed the five million player mark on its early access release. With all this, it is clear that Microsoft will continue to invest in the game, and here we are.

Today, we discover more of the first scenes and more details about Hot & Hazy, the next Grounded update with more RPG mechanics. This is the genre they are masters of, right?

Obsidian Entertainment has been a lot quieter these past few weeks. The reason should be to work on the next content of the survival game Grounded. Now there are the first gameplay images from the next update. Hot & Hazy is slated to be free later this month and represents the biggest update so far.

The folks at IGN have already played it and say about the update that the Obsidian is returning to its roots with the implementation of more RPG mechanics. For example, you can increase character values, upgrade weapons and there must also be new armor.

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