The Gunk will hit Xbox Game Pass in December, watch the new trailer

Who is alive always appears! Thunderful Games announced today as part of the Thunderful World conference (hosted by Mark Hamill, no less!), That Xbox Exclusive Action Adventure The Gunk will be released with Game Pass on December 16th.

This is the game we first heard about last year, developed by the creator of the popular franchise SteamWorld (Image & Form), and stars a pair of brave spacemen who must save the planet from a gunk parasite.

You can check out the new trailer in the tweet below:

Here is a brief description of the game:

“You play as Rani, a part of a space transport duo who are mining the galaxy for whatever resources they can sell in order to survive. When she and her partner Becks land on a seemingly barren planet, they encounter the goo, an as-yet-undiscovered substance that can make a big payoff at the end of the day! The only problem is that the goo is somehow harming this natural habitat, which poses a dilemma: should Rani and Becks be interfering with something they don’t fully understand? Will this dangerous discovery cause an impasse between two friends?”

As they begin to uncover the slumbering secrets of a destroyed civilization, however, they must save the planet from the curse of a corrupting slime parasite while desperately avoiding getting caught in a spiral of blazing mistrust.

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