The handheld PC is delivered on time

It had been relatively quiet around the Steam Deck handheld PC for a few weeks. This made some of the pre-orderers in particular a little nervous, who are supposed to be delivered in February 2022. But this uncertainty is unfounded, as Valve has now asserted.

The team spoke up as part of a recent status update and made it clear that no further delay should be expected. The current corona pandemic and the problems in global supply chains would not change that. It says exactly: “First things first: We can keep to the shipping schedule for the Steam Deck. Despite the pandemic and delivery problems, we can probably start shipping the devices at the end of February.”

Screenshot – Steam Deck (PC)

As a result, all those buyers who were part of the first wave of pre-orders should soon receive their copy of the Steam Deck. Valve also explained that numerous developer kits have been sent to various developer studios in recent weeks. They can now start testing their games on the handheld PC and then get the “Verified for Steam Deck” certificate.