The heir to the rat throne in the fight against the frog clan

The 2D adventure role-playing game Tails of Iron has been released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch and PC (price: 24.99 euros). The next-gen versions should run in 4K with 60fps. The adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller are also supported. A physical version is available as the Crimson Knight Edition and includes twelve additional skins. First user reviews on Steam are “very positive”. 86 percent of 193 user reviews are “positive”.

“Tails of Iron, by indie developer Odd Bug Studio and publisher United Label, tells the story of Redgi. The heir to the rat throne embarks on a dangerous journey to free his kingdom from the merciless frog clan. (… ) From frog zombies to giant maggots – and everything else – the kingdom is fraught with peril. Using a variety of deadly skills, including counterattacks, ranged attacks, and gruesome executions, players can emerge victorious in combat. To against the multitude of bosses, which always offer a challenge of their own, to have a chance, the budding heroes have a wealth of weapons and equipment with different properties at their disposal. Armor offers better protection, but it is advisable to slow down the evasive role “An ax does more damage, but a light spear is faster and has a longer range”writes the publisher.

A hand-drawn world with six biomes, brutal battles against the oversized generals of the Frog Clan, customizable fighting styles with a variety of weapons & armor and side missions as an additional source of income are promised. Doug Cockle (Geralt from the Witcher series) can be heard as the narrator.

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