The Last Spell: Glenwald Calling: Early-Access-Update mit neuer Karte

The Glenwald Calling Update is out today for the Early Access version of The Last Spell. The content update for the game by The Arcade Crew and Ishtar Games includes the new Glenwald map (after completing a Lakeburg game), new and revised Apocalypse levels, a new type of opponent (only on Glenwald) and a variety of improvements, bug fixes and Balancing adjustments. You can find the change log here.

The Arcade Crew: “The announcement trailer shows a first glimpse of Glenwald, a city full of challenges, which is enveloped by artificial fog shrouds that hide parts of the map and enemies lurking there. With Glenwald Calling, the Guardian is also introduced, a new type of enemy, the beasts around him Defensive reinforcements granted. Combined with the tricky terrain of Glenwald, the Guardians make the fight against the ruthless, monstrous mobs of The Last Spell particularly difficult on three new, extremely challenging Apocalypse levels. “

Last updated video: Major Update Glenwald Calling