The legacy of Lidia Pitzalis on Xbox Spain

I had wanted to discuss such a topic for a long time. With Xbox turning 20, I have found it interesting to also rescue a little bit of national history. And it is that doing accounts, I have been involved in this Xbox for 15 years, from various forums to SoloXboxOne and now Xbox Generation. So some tradition has one behind him. I would like to share with you this text where I will talk about one of the most important figures of the brand in our country.

And it is that talking about Xbox in Spain has a name, Lidia Pitzalis. The beginnings of the division started with her and Oscar del Moral, who later ended up at Koch Media. It was the beginning of a blank brand, which had never had a presence in territory so dominated by Sony and a Nintendo that had the whole laptop pie. With this information you will understand that the very safe work was not easy at all.

Lidia understood that the power of the community was key

After so many years in the Iberian division, Lidia said goodbye to all of us on September 22, 2017, that has been 4 years … as time goes by. But he left with a backpack full of milestones, among them raising the brand until it was considered a real PlayStation competition in our territory, negotiating the dubbing of Gears 4, betting on all kinds of media when launching messages on the console, and beat a Guiness Record.

After his departure, the Spanish subsidiary has had several gloomy and dark moments, and others very sweet with charming people. But there are three values ​​that I think made the difference between Lidia and other Product Managers. She truly believed in the power of communities, and When I speak of communities I do not mean dedicated websites, if not the people that are created around games, forums, websites and social networks. Pitzalis understood that without the support of a strong community the brand was going nowhere here.

We saw very cool commercial actions for Xbox users in our country, as examples I remember Madrid Games Week at the birth of Xbox One, the delivery of an Xbox by Cesc Fábregas, the aforementioned Guiness Record and organized FanFest. And there were magical moments at that time, like the dubbing of Carlos Latre in Fable III or cool initiatives like the famous #YoSoyDeXbox that they organized from the division.

My experience with Lidia Pitzalis

On a professional level, the relationship was always cordial. I have dealt with many PR and press officers from different companies and with some I have a brutal feeling, but Lidia had something different. She explicitly cared about your impression at the end of an event, and that is something I have not experienced again after 4 years of her departure.

I remember always calling my partner Adrian or me when we covered something. And at that time we were barely a blog with 1500 visits a day. The event ended and at the time you had a call from him to see how you had gone and what did you think of what was organized, points for improvement, if you would change something … Besides, his mail was always open, I remember that we gave him a lot of war with depending on what topics, and we always got a more or less satisfactory answer, but an answer at the end of the day.

This convinced that now at HP, Lidia will surely have many more opportunities to grow, and in fact she set up her own online store for sustainable jewelry that I recommend you visit if you have time. But I also believe that your heart will always be beating green.