The Magister: The investigation has started

On September 2nd and 3rd, 2021, Nerdook Productions and Digerati released the crime role-playing game The Magister for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Via Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store and eShop, a launch discount of 14 or 15 percent is granted on the regular retail price of 12.49 euros and 14.99 euros. A free demo is also available for download on Steam and GOG.

In the game description it says: “The Magister is a crime-RPG in which you fight with cards. Build and customize your own deck to fight with, or use ‘Tactical Diplomacy’ to pacify those who stand in your way. Collect clues and discover motives in the investigation into the death of your predecessor and expose the guilty perpetrator. “

The main features are:

  • Randomly generated criminal case: A complete solution won’t help you here! The events, clues, motives and the killer change with every playthrough. Only YOU can identify the culprit.
  • Tactical Card-Based Encounters: Your combat and negotiation skills are determined by the cards in your deck. Use a wide variety of cards such as Heart Stopper, Poison Punch, Bad Joke and Long Talk.
  • Pacify opponents for a peaceful outcome: Use “Tactical Diplomacy” as an alternative to combat and calm enemies with your entertainment cards to reduce their anger level to 0.
  • Choose your Magister: Different Magisters have their own strengths and weaknesses. From the cunning alcoholic to the intelligent insomniac – each variation makes for a different adventure.
  • Recruit a Human Ally or Furry Companion: If necessary, a mercenary, spy, or sage can be recruited to assist with your investigation. You can also make friends with local cats or dogs, who will then stand by your side in fights.
  • Discover a fascinating fantasy world: You have 14 days to explore Silverhurst and befriend or intimidate the residents. But you don’t have much time to unmask the killer.

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