The new Grounded update is now available

Obsidian is one of the most active development teams Microsoft itself has right now. In addition to having Grounded in development, already available in the Game Preview, Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, we are also aware of an unannounced project that can now be played internally. And we also know that the studio want to release one game a year over the next seven years. a real madness.

But focusing on the tangible, the studio continues to improve Grounded, his latest creation that continues to add new content, like the one added with the Hot and Hazy update.

But beyond that, Obsidian looks to continue refining and correcting the title for its final release. A release that we await this same 2022. That’s why the studio has already released the 0.11.5 update, which fixes various bugs and errors and resolves memory leaks and crashes. on the other hand, too add new options, like that now players will no longer be thirsty when eating jerky in game.

You can see all the changes and corrections you incorporate here.