The next update will bring a fan-requested PC feature at the beginning of December

Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced more details about the major update 2.3 for the remastered version of the action RPG Diablo 2: Resurrected. The developers spoke up on the official website to give a little outlook. One of the innovations is a feature that has been desired by many fans for a long time.

They had called for an option for the PC version of the game so that a skill bar could also be used when controlling with the mouse and keyboard. Exactly this feature will celebrate its debts with the 2.3 update. Furthermore, it will finally be possible to use skills directly with a click of the mouse instead of having to select them beforehand. Furthermore, console users can look forward to a function with which they can specify a certain number of players in offline games – without these actually being available. In this way you can “fake” a game with eight players and receive the corresponding amount of experience points and loot.

Changes to the interface, optimized performance, PvP adjustments and numerous bug fixes are also on the agenda. The complete patch notes are not yet known. However, it is already clear that the release of Update 2.3 is planned for the beginning of December. Blizzard will submit a specific date in the next few days.