The Outer Worlds 2 has apparently been in development since 2019

We are already well aware of the fact that The Outer Worlds 2, Obsidian’s sequel to its excellent 2019 sci-fi RPG, is currently in development, with a rather ironic ad trailer that aired for the game at E3 in June.

However, according to a Twitter post by @FaizShaikh7681, which focuses on Obsidian Production Manager Dan Maas’s LinkedIn page, it appears that The Outer Worlds 2 has been in production since 2019. The LinkedIn page suggests that Maas and his team have been engaged in this upcoming space adventure for more than two years.

Does that mean we can get our hands on Outer Worlds 2 sooner or later? Well, we don’t have much more to do now, and judging by the E3 trailer you can see below, there’s definitely a lot of work to do before we head back to Halcyon and our fellow travelers.

Obsidian also has names like Avowed and Grounded in the works now, so it might still be a while before we catch up with Parvati and the rest of the gang.

Looking forward to returning to Halycon when The Outer Worlds 2 finally comes out? Let us know below!