The party starts today on Switch

Nintendo is releasing Mario Party Superstars for Switch today (price: 59.99 euros). The collection contains five classic game boards from the N64 era and 100 mini-games from the entire Mario Party series.

Nintendo: “All the game boards from Mario Party Superstars have been redesigned for Nintendo Switch and each offer unique events. If, on the other hand, you are in the mood for pure mini-games, you can put your skills to the test in seven different game variants on the mini-game mountain. Thanks to numerous multiplayer options The party can also start anywhere. Up to four players can compete together on the same console, via the local connection between several consoles and online. The online mode is suitable for short games in between as well as for a party marathon over 30 rounds To be able to play online, an internet connection, a Nintendo Account and an active membership of Nintendo Switch Online are required. “

Last current video: Launch trailer

Overview of the game features (according to the manufacturer):

  • “5 classic boards of Mario Party games for Nintendo 64: Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Space Land, Peach’s Birthday Cake, Woody’s Forest and Horror Land – they have all been redesigned for Nintendo Switch and each entice with their own unique events.
  • 3 multiplayer options: the more guests, the funnier the party. That’s why Mario Party Superstars offers three ways to plunge into multiplayer fun – regardless of whether you just want to play a few short mini-games with a friend or take part in a 30-lap marathon.
    • Up to four friends can compete with and against each other on one console, if everyone has a controller.
    • Local multiplayer is open to them if they all have their own Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game.
    • Online, on the other hand, everyone who has Internet access and a Nintendo Account and who is a member of Nintendo Switch Online can go to the game board together.
  • Stickers: As players collect stars on the board, they can use stickers to communicate with each other.
  • Take a break ?: In board game mode, games with friends are saved after each round. This means that the party can be paused at any time and continued later.
  • 100 Mini-Games: A total of 100 mini-games from the entire Mario Party series are included, including the Everyone-versus-Everyone, 2-versus-2, 1-versus-3, and Dueling mini-games categories. They are all played with button controls.
  • Minigames Mountain: The Minigames Mountain is the ideal place to go for anyone who wants to tackle a few minigames. Seven different variants are available here: free choice, cooperative team match, trio challenge, sport and puzzles, super series, coin fight and daily challenge. The mini-game mountain can also be climbed using any of the three multiplayer routes mentioned. “