The release dates for the roguelite action with elements from tower defense have been set

As Digerati reports, the release dates for Tunnel of Doom have been set, the mix of topdown action and tower defense enriched with “roguelite” elements. Accordingly, the PC version will go on sale on Steam, GOG or in the Humble Store on November 23, 2021, among others. The console versions for Switch and Xbox One will follow one month later, on December 23rd and 24th in the eShop and Xbox Store respectively.

These are the main features that Tunnel of Doom aims to use to lure into its randomly generated caves:

  • Setting traps: You against the hordes! Increase your chances of success and survival by strategically positioning cannons and barricades before the fighting begins.
  • Collect resources: smash lamps. Destroy boxes. Blow up rocks. Search the mine for materials that can be used as makeshift weapons or ammunition for traps.
  • Gun battle: when the revolver or rifle ammunition is running low … improvise! Throw stones or glass. Swing your pickaxe. Get the TNT out. Do whatever it takes to avoid getting killed by the monsters!
  • Find Perks: Better Traps. Improved weapons. More resources. There are 50 perks to discover, each with a number of status upgrades and gameplay tweaks.
  • Generated randomly: The layout of the mine, the perks and the monster battles change with every new game, so every run through is different!
  • Dream Mode: Escape the mine to unlock this new, endless challenge.

Last current video: Announcement trailer