The role-playing game will by no means appear in 2022

It’s no longer a secret that fans of the role-playing game Dragon Age 4 (working title) will have to wait a while before they can plunge into the new adventure. The release was previously planned by Electronic Arts for the 2023 financial year – sometime between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. But even that no longer seems certain.

Several insiders confirm this independently. First, leaker Tom Henderson reported via Twitter that according to his sources, there was no chance that Dragon Age 4 would be released later this year. Shortly thereafter, his colleague Jeff Grubb, who not only works as an editor at GamesBeat, but is also known as an insider and leaker, also spoke up. According to his sources, the release of Dragon Age 4 is at least a year away. However, one must assume that the role-playing game will be even a little longer in coming. He assumes that the publication can be expected in the summer of 2023 at the earliest – possibly a little later.

However, all of this information should be viewed with a degree of caution. These two leakers have already made a name for themselves as reliable informants. However, there has been no statement or even confirmation from Electronic Arts or BioWare so far. Latest updated video: The Next Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer