The supposed Wolfenstein III would already have been in development for three years

MachineGames is one of Bethesda’s highest rated studios. Not in vain, they are in charge of the new and successful phase of Wolfenstein, which left us four games very well valued by everyone. Furthermore, they are now immersed in the development of the new Indiana Jones, a project that is still in production and that may take some time. This fact raised rumors about whether the studio would be working on another side project, since since Youngblood was released in 2019 we didn’t have news from the developer. Furthermore Youngblood was a minor game.

The most recent clue we got from the LindedINn profile of one of the MachineGames developers, which on his resume indicates that he has been working as a senior designer for a game unannounced for over three years. With the term “unannounced”, Indiana Jones is automatically discarded, which is already widely known and which, in addition, Bethesda has stated more than once that they are at an early stage.

With all that in hand, this project should come sooner, possibly in 2022-2023, but of which we no longer have clues. We don’t know if it’s a new IP or Wolfenstein’s expected sequence, something much more logical and expected. Not surprisingly, Blazkowicz still has a lot of war to do and we know a third title will come sooner or later. What is clear is that MachineGames has at least two projects at the same time.

Remember that the complete Wolfenstein saga developed by MachineGames is available on Xbox Game Pass.