The textures of the new Halo Infinite Beta are being praised on social media

Many people are already playing Halo Infinite multiplayer and luckily the impressions are quite positive, whether in gameplay or graphics. The textures, this time, are even more neat than in the “first beta”, even that was exactly what many users of social networks found.

First of all, let’s highlight the comments from Spanish performance analysts, The Bit Analyst. Before, analyzes like this were done mostly by Digital Foundry, but now the people at El Analista de Bits are gaining a lot of credibility. Look what they said:

Halo Infinite with the textures are amazing. Don’t miss the video I’m preparing about the preview of the new technology, because I assure you there are things absolutely insane.

Some other users posted gameplays and more details. Many believe the game is sharper (better in resolution), 60fps is fluid and better lighting:

Are you already testing? What did you think of the textures? We are following everything here at Windows Club and luckily it looks like everything is going wonderfully well.