The Xbox app will indicate if the game runs well on your PC

Currently, the Xbox brand acts on many fronts, not just consoles. It is now possible to play these games even on cell phones or PC, thanks to Microsoft’s support in bringing its titles to the greatest number of players possible and its advances in Cloud Gaming. The Xbox Game Pass is the central pillar of this whole strategy.

However, we have good news for users who use the PC without using the cloud as a gaming platform on Windows. Now the Xbox app on your PC will indicate whether a game runs well on your machine. The warning was indicated by Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge:

the Xbox app for Windows will soon let you know if the games will play well on your PC or not. “Should work fine on this PC” is a simple new label to inform PC gamers.

It’s a simple one, but certainly useful and shows Microsoft’s commitment to advancing more and more in the gaming market as a whole, bringing constant news to its gaming audience.