The Xbox-exclusive Elder Scrolls VI? Why, were there still those who hoped otherwise?

In an age as disconnected from reality as ours, it is almost surprising to be surprised by some people’s amazement at the obvious. yes, why wasn’t it obvious that The Elder Scrolls VI would be an Xbox exclusive, before Phil Spencer said that? However, some were apparently still waiting for confirmation, despite statements from the past and despite the fact that St.arfield has already been declared exclusive.

Let’s recap: Microsoft bought Zenimax, but that wasn’t enough for many to believe that its flagship titles will become Xbox exclusives. Can you give up your rival’s audience money (Playstation)? Many wonder. Yes you can, otherwise the acquisition would not have made sense. It’s possible that it’s so difficult to understand that Microsoft has as its main interest to grow its main brand in the field of games (Xbox) to sell Xbox Game Pass subscriptions,

Despite this, disbelief continued and many continued to talk about a possible cross-platform Starfield, at least until the obvious is confirmed: it’s exclusive. And still others said they would be exclusive to the Playstation by virtue of a previous contract as Deathloop. They mess up ugly.

Why it shouldn’t have been is unclear, but the question existed until the announcement. Next, we move on to The Elder Scrolls VI: is it possible that Microsoft wants to relegate such a franchise to Xbox? Oh yeah why not? It is precisely with such strong franchises that they attract players and if he spent 7.5 billion dollars on Zenimax it is because he has such strong franchises. Or do you think he did it to bring only “weaker games” to the green house? However, one more confirmation had to arrive, because many were still not fully convinced of this strategy.

Below is a series of bombshells for the coming months/years: the next Doom it will also be exclusive to Xbox. If one Quake is released, it will be exclusive to Xbox. if the series Wolfenstein is resumed, will be Xbox exclusive. Fallout 5 idem. the continuation of Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion, it will also come from the Xbox. The Within Evil 3 e Deathloop 2 will also be green exclusives.

Of course, there is a way to play Xbox-exclusive games on other platforms: I hope they accept the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the cloud. Spencer has said in the past that Microsoft wants to be open, just become an Xbox subscriber and it can be done on multiple devices with internet access.

I sincerely hope that one day the concept of exclusivity disappears into thin air and that you can play whatever you want wherever you want (in this sense, subscriptions can be a boon and convince all hardware manufacturers to expand), because I’m still selling in 2021 that platforms are limits and not possibilities is really disappointing. Unfortunately, for now, that’s how a part of the video game industry works.

However, it is a reality that everyone must accept to follow.