The Xbox Game Pass was originally a rental service.

In an interview with GQ on the occasion of Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Sarah Bond, from Microsoft, revealed some interesting stories about the Xbox Game Pass. For example, did you know it was originally called “Arches” and was designed to be a rental service of games?

In the interview, Bond explained that the transition from the “Blockbuster” model to the Netflix model is due to how the gaming industry has evolved in recent generations, with the lifecycle of games having increased a lot.

“Something around 75% of the game’s revenue came in the first two months of release in the past … now sales are spread over two years,” says Bond.

The interview also explains that the Xbox Game Pass concept was initially disapproved by publishers, as they feared it would devalue the value of their games.

Launched in 2017, the Xbox Game Pass, despite the initial distrust of many, has over time proven to be the backbone of Microsoft’s gaming sector, which has 18 million subscribers across the Xbox and PC platforms, according to the latest data. Officials released in January 2021. Microsoft, while according to estimates by Jez Corden, the current number should be between 25 and 30 million.