The Xbox team congratulates Arkane on Deathloop’s good reception

Yesterday was revealed the analysis of the new game from Arkane Studios for PlayStation 5 and PC, we talked about Deathloop. The game is the result of an agreement prior to Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda, and although Arkane is currently part of the Redmond studio conglomerate, this temporary agreement would be honored for at least a year.

Bureaucratic issues aside, it seems that Deathloop is a great game, the grades received have been very positive and many even cross it as one of the surprises of this year. Taking advantage of the synergy that occurred yesterday when the game’s notes were released, the Xbox team didn’t want to miss the opportunity to congratulate the studio on the game’s arrival and on its already commented good reception.

Through social networks, the Xbox team sent a message to the Arkane team in which they congratulate the good review that the game has received. As we mentioned in the previous lines, the game has arrived exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC, Xbox users will have to wait a few more months to sink their teeth into it.

Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, also spoke up:

Congratulations to the great @ArkaneStudios team on launching @Deathloop, great to see community response to the new IP and innovative gameplay.